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First Name: Miles
Last Name: Manongsong

Thursday, 31 May 2012 3:11 PM 
I never thought that H2B and I will be able to buy our wedding rings during the fair, but we did! :)) You see, H2B was in-charged with our rings and I truly thought that he will be getting them from the same supplier as my engagement ring. But since we were at the fair last Saturday already, might as well make the most out of it and check out some jewelry suppliers. :)) As if on cue, there was a wedding ring supplier near Baicapture’s booth. H2B and I immediately went for it. Since we haven’t really talked about our rings yet, we just stared at the ones on display silently raking our brains for our pegs. LOL! But Ate Camille, the sales lady who accommodated us, was so kind to point us to the right direction. H2B, with a sudden inspiration, told her that he preferred a wedding band. But being a girl, I disagreed and said I wanted some diamonds. :)) She told us that our preferences could be arranged and would actually cost less. That was good news as all their items in the fair was already an automatic 20% off too. However, as if God was telling us to save more (LOL!), Ate Camille led us to the rings with red tags. Though it would mean that we won’t be able to customize the pair (i.e. remove the diamonds), the good news was they were an automatic 40% off. Who could say no to that?! :)) Their red tags were actually not bad at all. To our surprise, they were the more expensive pairs! Ate Camille explained that they were the last ring stock of that design and to our relief could still be altered according to our ring size. Fortunately, H2B and I loved a pair from that lot. It was a pair of two-tone rings (rose gold and white gold) with 5 diamonds each. Yey! I got my wish! :))) While we were paying the downpayment, I realized it’s just a bit ironic that H2B didn’t get the plain wedding band he wanted and loved our chosen rings more. LOL! And yes, I just kept my mouth shut. :D I can’t wait to see them on May as we’ve chosen to get them by then. :)) Our supplier? Goldenhills Jewelry. It was really a bang for the buck. ;) 

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