Jewelry has always fascinated us, becoming a symbol of personality and taste. Understanding this connection has always been in the art of GOLDENHILLS JEWELRY. Though “Superior Craftsmanship”, “Innovation”, and “Elegance” are phrases often used and pursued by many other jewelers, Goldenhills prides itself with the fact that it has been doing so since its beginnings in the 80s. More so, the company strives to transcend such givens in the industry by incorporating individual styles and personalities with passion. The goal is not just a product, but a timeless and individual creation of art.
Over the years, Goldenhills Jewelry has crafted award winning
jewelry pieces in various designing competition. Goldenhills
Jewelry is proud to showcase Philippine ingenuity and
craftsmanship and always in the pursuit of excellence,
Goldenhills Jewelry creates “Wearable Works of Art at
Their Very Best.”
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